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Welcome to KatiKrafts, a candle-making store.

We're a small business that was launched by Katerina in Katy, Texas in 2021.

KatiKrafts is focused on creation of natural wax Candles and Home Decor Items that will add a nice aroma and individual style to your living area.

Most of our products are made to order.

A wide variety of top-grade fragrance oils and different colors palette will let you to order a unique product that will be handcrafted with pleasure and passion.

KatiKrafts uses only high-quality soy, coconut waxes and organic white beeswax. 

All these waxes are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

As an option, KatiKrafts offers unscented candles for those who is sensitive to scent or suffer from allergies.

Each candle is individually designed, created, tested and packed with care.

We ensure that you get the best quality product with every single item you purchase.

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